Responding to the Need by MSSPs for a Next Generation Secure Web Gateway, Wedge Announces the Release of its Wedge Intelligent Web Shield

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – February 25th, 2019 – In response to MSSP’sneed for in-depth monitoring and visibility, advanced threat detection, and support formobile/remote office users, Wedge Networks, the global leader in Orchestrated Real-time Threat Prevention, is pleased to announce the release of its Wedge Intelligent WebShieldTM (WedgeIWSTM) product under its Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection series.

By adding improved visibility into all layers of network traffic, real-time detection andblocking of advanced threats, and versatile form factors of VM, appliance, or cloud;WedgeIWSTM brings many features that improve on the traditional Secure Web Gatewayproducts currently in the market. According to industry research firm Gartner, in theirDecember 2018 “Critical Capabilities for Secure Web Gateways” publication, “The threeprimary use cases for secure web gateways (SWGs) are monitoring and visibility (forexample, observing user behavior on the internet), advanced threat defense, andprotecting remote offices and mobile workers.” WedgeIWSTM, part of the WedgeAbsolute Real-time Protection product line, with its Deep Content Inspectiontechnology, deep learning AI-based real-time malware detection and blocking, best-of-breed web security intelligence, and flexible deployment and management capabilities,provides a strong solution in the market for all these use cases.

“Managing web security in a cloud connected, service centric era is a very challengingtask, not only for SMEs, but also for government and large enterprises. MSSPs are playingan important role in ensuring safe and secure internet usage. They are asking for solutionsthat can be readily inserted into the newer network topologies such as high-speed 5Gmobile networks, IoT networks, SDN, SD-WAN, and asymmetric multi-datacenternetworks. Current generation SWGs are having a tough time keeping pace with this trend.The industry has been looking for an upgraded SWG product that can solve theseproblems.”, said Dr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO & CTO, Wedge Networks.

“We have been using products powered by Wedge’s network security platform for anumber of years to provide robust managed security services to our diverse end-customers. The products’ ease of use and Wedge’s exemplary support made thatpossible. By adding advanced SWG services to the platform, Wedge now gives MSSPs,such as ours, the added edge we need to both provide unparalleled real-time malwareprevention but to also be able to offer these services in our client’s ever-changingcomputing infrastructure.”, stated Dave Hodkinson, Managing Director, SpectrumComputer Solutions, UK. “With WedgeIWSTM, MSSPs can deliver to their customerseffective and differentiated managed security service to ensure safe and securecomputing.

”The WedgeIWS product provides the deepest visibility into network activities with itspatented Deep Content Inspection. This serves as a linchpin to insightful, actionablesecurity analytics for its users. As well, with multiple signature and heuristics-basedscanning engines, greatly enhanced with an embedded deep-learning neural network androbust services orchestration, Wedge’s new product is an effective managed networksecurity platform for all MSSPs.

About Wedge Networks
Based in Calgary, Canada, Wedge Networks develops cyber security software/solutionsfor the cloud connected world. The company is focused on providing real-time preventionagainst advanced threats at the network layer; currently securing nearly 100M endpointsin data/cloud centers across the globe. It sells its products through partners such asVAD/VAR/MSSP/MDR.

Recognized by leading industry experts as a leader in Orchestrated Threat Management,Wedge uses a patented deep content inspection technology to gain deep insights tonetwork application data (MIME objects) for web, email, and data transmissions in highbandwidth/low latency networks that are typical of data/cloud centers. Its platformorchestrates a rich set of security Virtual Network Functions (VNF), including a well-trained Deep Learning Artificial Neural Network to detect and prevent advanced threatsfrom entering the enterprise networks. All these advanced features are packaged asWedge Absolute Real-time Protection (WedgeARP) and are delivered in VMs, cloudinstances, or server appliances. The ability to provide real-time, high efficacy threatprevention with a software-based orchestration architecture makes WedgeARP a tool-of-choice for MSSP/MDR partners to serve their enterprise customers.

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