Entreprise visiteur au CMTM 2019

Quel problème résolvez-vous?

The app economy is slated to grow 5 fold to $6 trillion by 2021. In the critical path however, is mobile data affordability: The vast majority of mobile users with a fixed data plan avoid using an app because they were concerned by data usage and costs. 4B+ users routinely disengage from the mobile economy.

Opari is a marketplace, where brands and marketers buy mobile data for their target audience. Users are more engaged, mobile operators gain new revenues streams, and the mobile economy experiences reduced friction to growth.

Quelle est votre solution (produit, logiciel, service) et qu’est-ce qui vous différencie avec la concurrence?

Opari is a cloud-based mobile connectivity commerce platform catering to A2P and P2P transactions. Customers integrate opari’s API and gain access to an array services critical to mobile growth and monetization.

The platform enables brands and marketers with sponsored data, airtime and data as a reward for their mobile growth strategy. With opari, apps can also monetize their user base with mobile-based data and airtime top-ups, mobile data micro plans, and digitize payments with an integrated wallet. A suite of pre-integrated mobile financial services can selectively be deployed to further the monetization potential of a user base. All services are white label, and require no integration other than the service APIs.

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