Mirametrix Inc.
Entreprise visiteur au CMTM 2019

Quel problème résolvez-vous?

Mirametrix provides the ability for users to interact with their devices naturally via one's Attention, based on their Face, Head, Eyes and Emotions. Mirametrix Attention Sensing technology highlights intent enabling context and powering natural user interaction and driving rich analytics in the process.

Quelle est votre solution (produit, logiciel, service) et qu’est-ce qui vous différencie avec la concurrence?

Mirametrix specializes in human-machine interaction and has developed an AI driven software platform powered by the most advanced Attention Sensing technology - Presence, Face, Eyes and Gaze sensing. Mirametrix is a software only solution that does not rely on customized hardware leveraging existing device components to enable natural interactions, biometrics across all device usage distances from near distance AR/VR to smartphones and other mobile devices to longer range IoT applications and automotive.


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