Jethro Trading Ltd
Entreprise visiteur au CMTM 2019

Quel problème résolvez-vous?

The aging and growing expensive demands of technology leaving both seniors and low income families behind.

Quelle est votre solution (produit, logiciel, service) et qu’est-ce qui vous différencie avec la concurrence?

We offer two main products and services that directly combat this problem.The first being Jethro Senior Cell Phones. Jethro cell phones are specifically designed for seniors themselves. We listen to our audience and design a product that will be the most useful for seniors, people with disabilities, or anyone in need of a simple phone. What sets Jethro phones apart from other simple phones is most cell phones in our category are not specifically designed for seniors. They are designed to be simple phones while completely ignoring the population using the product. This is what sets our phones apart and why we have maintained such great business over the years while constantly expanding and bringing in new products.Jethro Mobile is our second tool to combat the said problem. Jethro Mobile aims to make phone plans and SIM cards at the lowest price possible. We plan to sell at rates that other competition would have to adjust to. We are constantly constructing the best possible plans and strategy to make something as simple as making a phone call easier. We also plan to help those who are travelling and need a short term solution for their trip.The above product and service is what sets Jethro as a whole ahead in the competition of simplicity and not leaving even a single customer behind. We take pride in listening directly to the demand and to make the best service and product available.