Exposant au CMTM 2019

Quel problème résolvez-vous?

Immervision empowers you to see more, smarter with intelligent vision for any device. High-resolution wide-angle lenses in combination with advanced image processing algorithms produce AI-ready, live-synchronized imagery augmented by rich data. Our technology fuels the global component ecosystem and inspires innovation for consumer devices, automotive, IoT, drones, home appliances, security, and entertainment applications.

Quelle est votre solution (produit, logiciel, service) et qu’est-ce qui vous différencie avec la concurrence?

There is a specific need for intelligent vision solutions only available from Immervision in Mobile and consumer, automotive, and robotics markets and we offer unique solutions for each, based on our three core technologies of lens design, image processing algorithms including Adaptive Dewarping, and Data-in-Picture for sensor fusion applications.

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: Handsets and software
:   Visual display/UX