Exposant au CMTM 2019

Quel problème résolvez-vous?

Flex Groups is a global market leader and pioneering innovator specialized in digital security in secure personal devices such as Smart Cards, SIM, UICC cards, e- passeports, engineering services and VAS platforms development for telecom operators, government agencies and financial institutions. With offices in Canada, Irland, Morocco and China Flex Groups is offering value-added services applications on the SIM allowing you to maximize your revenue by increasing the satisfaction of customers who will use differently theirs telephones.

Quelle est votre solution (produit, logiciel, service) et qu’est-ce qui vous différencie avec la concurrence?

Smart Cards Sim Cards UICC Cards VAS IT Security e- passports ID Cards.Flexibility, Value Proposals, local partner network.

Services à valeur ajoutée

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