Primal Technologies Inc.
Visiting company at MWC 2019

What problem do you solve?

For the past 20 years, Primal Technologies has been providing our Enhanced Services for the wireless and broadband industry from our sales offices in North America and Asia. Many operators today require the ability to offer Monthly, Weekly, Daily or Per-usage plans with real-time Online Charging Service (OCS) features that can be bundled together in different, flexible ways to target every subscriber market segment for the Mobile Network Operator, many other industries. Operators are also looking for scalable NFV services such as SMSC/IP-SM-GW, MMS Server, Android/iPhone Visual VM, EIR, and PCRF solutions that they can deploy in their Data Centres. We offer a turnkey VAS offering for greenfield Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), or alternatively component VAS replacement solutions for an existing MNO. We also leverage our broad range of core competencies and experience to develop custom services for MNOs.

What is your solution (product, software, service) and what differentiates it from the competition?

As opposed to a Data-Only Charging Solution, Primal Technologies provides a comprehensive Converged Advance Pay/OCS Solution that allows wireless operators to create a variety of Daily/Weekly/Monthly bundled plans allowing them to monetize Voice calls, SMS/IP SMS transactions, SMPP traffic, MMS traffic, Data /Social networks usage and also 3rd Party micro transactions through an easy to implement REST API. We also include a comprehensive set of Subscriber Self-care capabilities including Responsive Self-Care screens, USSD/IVR menus and Smartphone apps allowing subscribers to review their own account balance and charges, recharge their account, change plans, purchase daily/weekly/monthly bundles and add-ons, and review their voice messages. This effort greatly reduces Customer Care effort and therefore costs for the Mobile Network Operator. Since we also offer the Value Added that complement our industry-leading Advance Pay/OCS Solution Services (e.g. SMSC/IP-SM-GW, MMS Server, VM and native iPhone/Android Visual VM, EIR, PCRF), we can reduce any MNO’s upfront, integration, and ongoing training and support costs significantly. All Primal services are IP-based and operate on “in-house” NFV or Cloud environment.


Value added services

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:   VoIP