NoviFlow Inc.
Exhibitor at MWC 2019

What problem do you solve?

Cloud computing, virtualization (NFV) and the huge rise in connected devices are driving massive growth in the costs of running Data Centers today. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the industry’s answer to these issues and revolutionizes how networks are designed, built and operated. SDN and OpenFlow make it possible for network operators to fully leverage network function virtualization, automation and Cyber Security in the network fabric, while reducing both capital costs and operating expenditures. It also generates new revenues by significantly improving new service velocity and enabling the monetization of IP network capabilities.

What is your solution (product, software, service) and what differentiates it from the competition?

NoviFlow offers high-performance and fully programmable SDN networking products to Network Operators, to Data Centers, to Enterprises and to the cybersecurity community. NoviFlow uses fully programmable network technology optimized for high-volume packet processing, unlike our competitors who offer limited bandwidth X86 platforms or fixed functionality ASIC based hardware. We make it easier for our customers to develop and deploy standard’s compliant SDN and build customized solutions using open standards and easy-to-use abstraction solutions. Our products feature OpenFlow 1.3 to 1.5 forwarding planes and switches, offering up to 6.5Tbps of throughput, and supporting up to 6 million flow entries and 40,000 flow-mods per second. Our products also feature advanced non-OpenFlow features such as L2-L7 packet inspection and flow forwarding, BFD link monitoring, L2 VPN/GRE/MPLS/GTP encapsulation/decapsulation, hierarchical traffic management, and are ideal for intelligent edge applications, core SDN applications and for use in high-speed gateways for Data Center Interconnect. NoviFlow\'s main theme at MWC 2019 will be how to accelerate and scale cybersecurity solutions using high-performance, fully programmable NoviFlow forwarding planes. We will demonstrate our Barfoot Tofino-based NoviWare NOS supporting industry-standard open APIs, including OpenFlow, gRPC and P4-Runtime. NoviFlow\'s SDN architecture provides an elegant deployment solution enabling massive acceleration and scalability of VNFs. The flexibility of the solution accommodates a wide range of network applications and services, including routing, monitoring, service chaining, streaming telemetry, EPC, NFV, vBNG, load balancing and Cybersecurity to name a few. This same flexibility allows different network elements to scale independently based on a wide variety of characteristics (number of users, forwarding or controller capacity, bandwidth, etc). Using live equipment, NoviFlow will demonstrate many of our NPU-based networking solutions, and we will explain how this architecture enables many applications to scale-out to extremely large configuration in simple, modular increments.


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