Visiting company at MWC 2019

What problem do you solve?

There is a rapidly growing need for voice-powered user interfaces for a variety of devices. Despite the enormous investment in this area by companies such as Google and Apple, significant limitations remain which prevent the ubiquitous proliferation of speech recognition. These limitations include poor noise robustness, the inability to handle variability in languages and accents, and a heavy requirement on cloud computing architectures. Fluent.ai offers unique and unmatched technology where anyone’s speech in any language can directly trigger actions, even in offline and noisy environments. By delivering fast, accurate and more flexible speech understanding in any language, Fluent.ai aims to finally break the barriers to high adoption of voice user interfaces.

What is your solution (product, software, service) and what differentiates it from the competition?

Fluent.ai develops highly accurate and intuitive speech understanding solutions in a small footprint and low-latency package capable of running offline on small devices. Our solutions enable consumer electronic device manufacturers and OEMs to develop unique and intuitive voice user interface solutions for their devices.Fluent.ai’s speech-to-intent technology employs patented neural network algorithms to directly map the incoming speech of a user to their intended action without the need to perform speech to text transcription. Fluent.ai's text-independent approach enables the development of speech recognition systems in any existing language and offers unmatched accuracy and multilingual capabilities while safeguarding user privacy.

Value added services

: Cloud services