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Visiting company at MWC 2019

What problem do you solve?

During my 25 years in international business development, I have worked on many projects funded by government agencies in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. The coffee trade was my first initiative in 1993, since then I have been dedicated to promoting the export industry, developing business and coaching many Canadian, African, European trade promotion organizations.I am also a professor at UQAM, and I have written 14 books on international trade.During these many years of experience, I made an incredible discovery. The greatest treasure of Africa is not its resources, but its people. African countries have a vast pool of talent and promising companies, especially in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). But many companies in Canada don’t know it. It must be Africa’s best-kept secret.

What is your solution (product, software, service) and what differentiates it from the competition?

That's why we founded SITIC Africa-Canada. The African digital opportunity is real, and the SITIC Africa-Canada 2019 event is the cornerstone of a strategy that will allow participating companies to:- Get contracts- Enter into partnerships or subcontracting agreements to carry out large-scale projects- Create connections with African talent. The event will take place on October 14th and 15th at the Omni Hotel in Montreal. The 450 participants from Canada and Africa will meet and participate in 10 panels & workshops covering topics ranging from the "Traction of International Talent in the Digital Age" to the "Fintech Revolution in Africa," where we will discuss interesting topics, such as e-banking and blockchain. So, join us in October to discover the real treasures of Africa!