Clear Blue Technologies
Exhibitor at MWC 2019

What problem do you solve?

Over 1/4 of the world's population lives without access to electricity and in many places where it is available it remains unreliable and expensive. As a result, there is high global demand for highly reliable solar and solar/hybrid-powered telecom services, lighting, security and other applications for communities, businesses and municipalities. At the same time the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market is growing rapidly, and it will drive millions of mission-critical devices that consume small amounts of power, and are not easily or cost-effectively powered by the grid. Clear Blue's integrated Smart off-Grid technology and management service delivers this reliable, wireless, off-grid power for these critical systems.

What is your solution (product, software, service) and what differentiates it from the competition?

Clear Blue develops and sells a “Smart Off-Grid” power solution and management service, to power, control, monitor, manage, and proactively service solar and hybrid-powered systems such as telecom wireless access systems, streetlights, emergency power, and Internet of Things devices. Smart Off-Grid enables these mission-critical devices to be installed anywhere, powered by clean energy, and managed and controlled over the Internet. Smart Off-Grid includes solar or solar/hybrid controllers, a built-in communications network, and our Illumience cloud-based management and control software. For wind/solar systems, the solution includes the Clear Blue wind module. There is also an option for grid connect to provide a connection to the electric grid to power the batteries if there is insufficient solar energy at a point in time.By combining green energy with the proven advantages of communications and the most advanced off-grid management and control software, our Smart Off-Grid technology and service delivers unmatched reliability and performance while lowering the cost to install and maintain these systems by up to 80%. While there are many companies in the market who develop and sell solar charge controllers, almost all provide only the hardware device, and have no remote monitoring, management, reporting or control. We are also not aware of any who are providing an ongoing power management service.

Value added services


Solar power solution for telecom systems